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"Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday," one of my favorite album titles ever! –Michael Doherty 

JUNE 19, 2023, by Michael Doherty, - Peter Galperin’s Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday, one of my favorite album titles ever, was released during the final year of Trump’s time in the White House. It was at the beginning of the pandemic. Remember that? In some ways, it seems like ages ago, but that is because even time has been acting rather peculiar lately. Though it might seem like May of 2020 was another lifetime, the songs on this album speak strongly to how things are right now. For, as he tells us, tomorrow seems like yesterday... READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE!

"Higher Ground: The Musical... A Portentous Omen... a Visual and Sonic Delight" – 

JUNE 12, 2023 – One of the most enlightened singer-songwriters in America today, New York City based Peter Galperin continues making inroads with his theatrical music in 2023 with the release of Higher Ground: The Musical, a planned 4-volume/132 page ‘climate-fiction’ graphic novel. Volume One of Higher Ground, entitled “Last Of The Mannahattas”, is an intriguing first installment and it’s initially being released and presented as a comic book complete with QR codes for music downloads. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE…

"Higher Ground: The Musical" Volume One for Sale on Earth Day! 

APRIL 22, 2023 - In a future ravaged by global warming, the last colony of survivors in New York City face an impending superstorm. “HIGHER GROUND: THE MUSICAL” is an urgent story that explores the intimate relationships between members of a multi-racial and multi-generational group as they struggle to survive in the only neighborhood in the city still standing. When mysterious strangers arrive, the fragile colony must decide if they are a threat, or a way out. Recently released 36-page “Volume 1 – Last of the Mannahattas,” includes QR-code links to an original song list performed by Broadway stars. Purchase Volume One here…

Musical-turned-comic tells a tale of hope and trust set against the backdrop of climate change! 

MARCH 21, 2023 — Acclaimed New York-based songwriter and composer, Peter Galperin (Bulldozer), and LA-based writer Gregg Ostrin (The Soul of Motown), are proud to announce Higher Ground: The Musical, Vol. 1! The first of the upcoming 4-part graphic novel series, this Broadway-musical-turned-comic, features art and letters by Patrick Barrett (The Moon Chronicles), with a uniquely orchestrated six-song tracklist brought to life by embedded QR codes within the pages! Read the full press release here…

Comic Crusaders Podcast #324 with Al Mega! 

APRIL 20, 2023 - Hanging out with Al Mega on the ComicsCrusadersWorld podcast. Al asks me how “Higher Ground: The Musical” got adapted into a comic book series, uncovers the horrible truth about my childhood comic book collection, finds out why I don't have a New York accent, and asks me what the bathrooms at CBGBs were like, and much, much more.  Watch the full podcast here…


CD REVIEW: "...pop-rock brilliance... thriving on lyrical and sonic controversy." 

AUGUST 20, 2020, Let It Rock by Dmitry M. Epstein
"Acidic New Yorker strikes a chord with zeitgeist yet falls short of reaching gestalt." Despite releasing immediately likeable albums for a decade now – and even scoring a rock musical, “Bulldozer” – Peter Galperin did not appear on the public radar on the scale his talent deserves. Maybe it’s because this artist’s oeuvre has dealt for the most part with affairs of the heart rather than the spirit of times he hinted at at the beginning of it all. Still, given the current state of other affairs, Galperin couldn’t stand aside anymore, so “Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday” tunes into what’s going on outside and inside of a thinking American at the moment and taps into one’s psyche with tasty insistence. Read the full review...

CD REVIEW - "Upbeat... and addictive..." 

AUGUST 19, 2020, JP's Music Blog
New York City-based singer/songwriter Peter Galperin recently released his new studio album titled "Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday." In between studio albums, Peter composed and produced the soundtrack to his off-Broadway show "Bulldozer," but returns with a set of seven new tracks. This new album kicks off with the upbeat, sing-along melody of "Nature Of Your Kind" and the addictive pop/rock delivery of "Never Too Young." Peter's songwriting is stellar on the acoustic folk strumming of "Don't Need To Know," before finishing his new album with the positive vibe of the steady rocker "Won't Let Go."

CD REVIEW - "...2020 America under the looking glass... disturbing... yet entertaining." 

JUNE 1, 2020,, by Robert Steven Silverstein
Never one to turn away from a valiant fight, NYC-based maestro Peter Galperin turns to face the strange on his 2020 Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday. Singing his catchy melodies and laced narratives more like a manifesto than a pure pop outing, Peter takes on the pathos of the Trump era head-on with his new single and album leadoff track, "Nature Of Your Kind", a sing-along song that is both disconcerting and hummable. Released on the 20th anniversary of the maddening election of 2000, and now, basking in the dizzying 20/20 hindsight of this 20th year of the 2000's, the seven tracks on Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday serves as a mirror reflection of what we are all going through – culminating as the relentless 2020 pandemic ravages America... Read the full review...